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At Kurzawa Funeral Home, our family believes in the value of creating meaningful ceremonies while healing those we serve. Since 1933, we have been providing and helping families during the most difficult time in their lives, the loss of a loved one.

Affordable Cremation & Burial Packages For All Budgets

Whether your choice is simple cremation or a full funeral burial memorial service, our dedication for helping families is the heart of our passion in our service. As we unceasingly think about what we can do to improve our services to each family and our community, our purpose statement has flourished: “There's Truly Only One Thing That Can Be Done Once….Your Loved Truly Deserves The Best”

Providing Peace of Mind, Comforting and Healing Hearts and Integrity. This is our focus and what truly matters most.

  • Family owned and operated
  • Soothing and peaceful environment
  • Ample parking for guests
  • Barrier free handicap accessible facility
  • Media – Memorial video broadcasting
  • Surround speakers throughout
  • Full funeral services available
  • Leading local provider

Full Veteran Service

Full Veteran Service

Honoring our servicemen and women with respect and dignity deserving of them for their sacrifice to our country.


Burial Services

There are different elements you can choose from when arranging a burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences:

Immediate Burial means that your loved one’s physical remains will be buried or entombed without a public service or gathering.

Visitation (also called a “viewing”, “wake” or “calling hours”) allows family and friends to gather in a room with the departed loved one (in an open or closed casket) and gives everyone the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their support and sympathy to the bereaved.

Funeral or Memorial Services can take place at a funeral home, in a church or even at your home. The service is a ceremony which serves to celebrate, honor, and remember the life of the deceased. Whether traditional or unique, both the visitation and the funeral service can be personalized to reflect the individuality of your loved one. For more information on personalization.

Graveside, Chapel, or Committal Services are held at the cemetery, and allow family and friends to be present as their loved one is transferred to his or her final disposition through ground burial.

If you are in need of urgent assistance you can call Kurzawa Funeral Home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week732- 721- 0475

Funeral Package

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff

  • Transportation of deceased to the funeral home (25 miles radius)

  • Transportation of deceased to crematory

  • Preparation of remains (Embalming)

  • Dressing and Casketing

  • Use of staff for graveside service in cemetery

  • Hearse – Transportation to Cemetery (within a 40 mile radius)

  • Casket (Selected by Funeral Home – 20 Gauge Standard Size-Non Gasketed – No Cash Value)

  • Register Book (No Cash Value)

  • Cross or Crucifix (No Cash Value)

  • Prayer Cards – 100ct - Standard (No Cash Value)

Certain Restrictions May Apply:

  • Price Is Not Valid For Pre Arranged Services

  • Please call for details. Price is considered a cash price

  • Price is not valid via payment from life insurance or NJ Crime Victims’ Assistance, applicable to Medicaid services limited

  • Credit/Debit cards will be charged an additional processing fee

  • Assignable Insurance Policies will be charged an additional processing fee

  • Services are Monday-Friday Only. Additional Fees for Saturday or Sunday Service.

Cremation Packages

The biggest misconception about cremation is that there can’t be a funeral service or visitation. This is absolutely not the case – when you choose to care for the physical remains through cremation, we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service as well. There are many options open to you when it comes to honoring your loved one’s life: you can provide a chance for friends and family to say goodbye through a final viewing before the cremation, and you can also hold a formal service either before or after the cremation occurs. After the cremation itself, there are a variety of choices for your loved one’s final disposition:

Interment cremation means that you’ll bury or entomb your loved one’s cremated remains. This can be in the family plot, a memorial site, a cremation niche or urn garden, or in a variety of other indoor and outdoor locations. Ask our staff for a detailed list of interment possibilities.

Cremation & Graveside Services are similar to those celebrated alongside a traditional ground burial, in which loved ones are present at the burial of the cremated remains and honor the deceased through memorial prayers or other meaningful tributes.

Cremation Scattering allows you to spread your loved one’s cremated remains in a memorial garden, a cemetery, over water, or across any other meaningful site. You can also choose to scatter some of the cremated remains and retain the rest in an urn for internment or another form of disposition.

Placing Cremated Remains in Multiple Urns allows family members who are separated by distance to each feel the comfort of having their loved one’s final resting place in a nearby location. 

For pricing and more information please contact us directly so we can assist you. 

If you are in need of urgent assistance you can call Kurzawa Funeral Home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Cremation Packages – What’s Included

Knowing your loved one will be handled with respect and transferred into our care shortly after being notified are virtues we adhere to. Giving you peace of mind that your loved one will remain in our care is one of the most important components in your choice of cremation. We control all aspects of the cremation process, by selecting professional and reputable local crematories, you are ensured of the highest standards of honesty, accountability and trust from our superbly trained, licensed staff. Knowing your loved one is always under our care and supervision will give you that much needed peace of mind.

Use of digital signature software, we are capable of collecting signatures from out of state.  We offer virtual services with video capabilities to allow families to attend a service no matter where they live.  Being a complete funeral home, we can handle additional requests for services, Celebration of Life, transfers out of state and merchandise.  Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to ask as we can handle all of your needs.

We invite you to speak with one of our funeral directors anytime at 732-721-0475 to answer any questions you may have, or to set up an appointment, at no obligation.

What's Included

  • Minimum services of funeral director, staff and overhead

  • Transportation of deceased to the funeral home within 25 miles from a hospital

  • Transportation of deceased to crematory

  • Alternative Container**

  • Private refrigeration – 48 hours from time of death – while doctor finalizes death certificate

  • Timely filing of death certificate within the State

  • We are available 24 hours a day

  • Temporary Plastic Urn

  • Crematory Fee (Additional)

  • Timely Cremation

Possible Additional Charges

Expedited Cremation Available – call for pricing

Death certificates – $25 first copy (required), $2 each additional copy

Pick-up at a private residence (starting at) - $150

Medical Examiner removal fee (starting at) - $150

If deceased is over 200 pounds – call for pricing

Mileage if outside our 25 mile radius – call for pricing

Shipment of Cremated Remains via USPS – $150-$250

Documents required by foreign countries – call for pricing

Urns or Urn Vaults (if selected)

Jewelry (if selected)